La Graunde Abridgement

HMS Bounty (1960-2012): Bay City to Sarnia, 2003

Pride of Baltimore II, Alpena-Chicago, 2008

The United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report (European War)

The United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report (Pacific War)

Germany Surrenders Unconditionally (May 4 - May 8, 1945)

Problems of Organizational Leadership (by Joseph Stalin)

Poisson Probability Calculator with V-1 distribution example

Chuck's 1995 travelogue: The Escape Route of Martin Bormann, May 1-2, 1945

Chuck's minor essay: The USSBS and the Atomic Bombs

World War II letters of Richard A. Anesi and Elizabeth C. Anesi

The Fscale (test of fascist receptivity at the personality level)

Fascism defined, based on the best recent scholarship

Portland, Michigan Centennial Book and Map of 1881

"Racial" Map of Europe, 1919

Provisional Regulations for Saber Exercise, 1907

The Name Effect: Do presidential candidates with longer names have a better chance of winning?

Titanic Disaster Casualty Figures, 1912

Titanic Disaster, Full Text of Safety Recommendations, 1912

The Gscale (see if you are a glue addict)

The Two Americas, Four Years On: Remarks by presidential candidate John Edwards to the Iowa League of Women Voters, December 28, 2007

Binomial probability and coefficient calculator

Poisson probability calculator

Example of elementary Bayesian inference (with calculator)

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