What sort of Women are found to be above all Others Superstitious and Witches
As to our second inquiry, what sort of women more than others are found to be superstitious and infected with witchcraft; it must be said, as was shown in the preceding inquiry, that three general vices appear to have special dominion over wicked women, namely, infidelity, ambition, and lust. Therefore they are more than others inclined towards witchcraft, who are more than others given to these vices. Again, since of these three vices the last chiefly predominates, women being insatiable, etc., it follows that those among ambitious women are more deeply infected who are more hot to satisfy their filthy lusts; and such are adultresses, fornicatresses, and the concubines of the Great.

F. Henricus Institoris et F. Jacobus Sprengerus, Inquisitores, Malleus Maleficarum, Pars I., Quaestio VI. (1484; English tr. Rev. Montague Summers, 1928)

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