"Danged if our country down here is worth singing about like that!" continued the glazier, as the Scotchman again melodised with a dying fall, "My ain countree!" "When you take away from among us the fools and the rogues, and the lammigers, and the wanton hussies, and the slatterns, and such like, there's cust few left to ornament a song with in Casterbridge, or the country round."

Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge, Chapter 8

"Will you go, dearest? Come secretly with me to Bristol, marry me, and turn our backs upon this doghole of England forever? Say yes."

Thomas Hardy, The Return of the Native, Chapter 11

OK, we can all agree that England is a doghole populated by fools, rogues, wanton hussies, and slatterns -- anybody who watches the C-span broadcasts from the House of Commons (aptly named) will vouch to it. But what the hell is a lammiger?

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