Pride of Baltimore II

Alpena - Chicago, 2008

The Pride of Baltimore II is a reproduction of an early 19th century "Baltimore Clipper", a topsail schooner with heavily raked masts. It is, however, modified with modern safety features.

In July, 2008 I sailed with my son Rick on the Pride of Baltimore II from Alpena, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois. The photographs below were taken on that voyage.

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The Pride of Baltimore II at Alpena
Pride of Baltimore II at Alpena

The main salon
Main salon

Loading a 4 pdr cannon for a salute on returning from day sail Sunday July 6
Loading 4 pdr cannon

Firing the salute
Firing the cannon

On July 8th the soggy skies dripped down all day from murk sunset to foul sunrise. This is Mackinac Island seen through the haze with the Grand Hotel at the center of frame.
Mackinac Island

On the port tack at sunset. Obviously heeling a bit. The drum in the foreground is, no doubt, a leftover WWII depth charge kept for use against Japanese submarines.
On the port tack

Second mate (the ship's navigator) on the right and other members of First Watch.
Members of First and Forenoon watch

Rick at the helm
Rick at the helm

The compass. The thing abaft the compass is the lazarette hatch.

Churning along.
Port tack

Bowsprit with fore staysail (foreground) and jib set on port tack.

Chuck at the helm
Chuck at the helm

It would be easy to hang yourself on this ship.

More rope

And now for the best part -- an exclusive tour of

The Bilges of the Pride of Baltimore

The forepeak bilge. This was my favorite. Really a very nice bilge.
Frepeak bilge

The Foc'sl Bilge.
Frecastle Bilge

The main salon bilge. This too is a very fine bilge indeed.
Mail salon bilge

The engine room bilge.
Engine room Bilge

The aft cabin bilge.
Aft cabin bilge

And finally, the lazarette bilge, which is pretty hard to see in this photo. It sort of hides its light under a bushel.
Lazarette bilge.

Preparing to take in the jib
Taking in the jib

When under way, the cannon are secured to avoid the dreaded "loose cannon".
Secured cannon

Looking up the foremast

Waves. I would say these are at least thirty or forty feet.