Image of Sniff Time rubber cement

The G Scale

Addiction to glue is not hopeless, though people addicted to glue are, in general, hopeless. The glue addict seldom changes his behavior alone. Although he must have the will to take the bag off his head, it is usually a friend or relative who cleans him up with nail polish remover and drags him to the commitment hearing, or dumps his limp and reeking carcass on the steps of the local police station.

Are you a glue addict? Take the following test and see. And remember, kicking the glue jones is something you CAN do -- if you only stick to it.

[1] I spend time thinking about glue, or planning when and where to get my next snort.

[2] I hide tubes of glue around the house for quick pick-me-ups.

[3] I receive traffic citations for driving under the influence of glue.

[4] I sniff glue at inappropriate times, such as in the morning, before driving, or before going to work.

[5] I need a glue fix before stressful situations.

[6] I try to solve my problems by sniffing glue.

[7] I have no memory of what happens while I am sniffing glue, although I appear normal to others at the time.

[8] At parties, I am "in the bag" before most other people.

[9] Small objects, such as paperclips, leaves, and small stones, stick to my face.

Your G Score will be displayed here. No data is sent to the server, luckily for you.

If your score is... Your inhalant of choice is...
Less than 2 Library Paste
2 to 3 Elmer's Glue
3 to 4.5 Whiteout
4.5 to 5.5 Rubber Cement
5.5 or higher Resorcinol Marine Adhesive